About us

The Alliance is about putting people first.

The Alliance is a New Zealand registered political party that has contested every general election since 1993.

The Alliance is a broad inclusive party of the Left with policies based on democratic socialist principles: democracy, equality and social ownership.

It combines a concern for the protection of the environment with the need to create a democratic economy and a modern welfare state.

We believe that the biggest impediment to a just and equal society is an unrestrained, free market capitalist system dominated by powerful multinational corporations.

If poverty, war and environmental destruction is to end, then we must regain democratic control of our society. That is why the Alliance is a democratic socialist party.

The Alliance seeks to build a society where:

  • People live in harmony with each other and the environment, working co-operatively to satisfy all their individual and social needs.
  • All people can participate to the fullest of their potential.
  • Human diversity is celebrated in its unity, and human creative activity is liberated.

People working for wages and salaries, unpaid workers and beneficiaries, self-employed and small business people, farming families, students and the retired all share a common goal of a secure and fair future for all.

An Alliance of all these people is capable of bringing about a better New Zealand that puts people first.