• In our society, most of the key decisions that affect our everyday lives – our work, our children, our environment, our health, our food, our education, our public transport, our housing – are made behind closed doors by unelected officials who are heavily influenced by business interests.

  • The Alliance stands for a reorganisation of society to transfer real power to the people of New Zealand.

We stand for the following policies:

  • Proportional representation and a pluralist democratic system.

  • Representative democracy balance with greater opportunities for local participatory democratic processes.

  • Parliament playing a greater role than it does under the present form for Cabinet Government. Severely restricting the convention of collective cabinet responsibility. Cabinet Ministers should not be restrained from arguing their case in public and in Parliament.

  • Decisions to be made as much as possible by the people affected by them, recognising that a greater degree of central planning is necessary for a planned economy.

  • The extension of public ownership and community control with greater openness and transparency in decision making.

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