What we stand for

The Alliance has policies on the major issues facing New Zealand and the world.

Alliance Party Policies can be viewed here

What the Alliance wants for New Zealand

Job security and full employment
Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis are struggling with casual, insecure jobs. The Alliance will protect workers in low paid jobs, defend workers’ rights and increase the minimum wage.

Public control of our electricity
Electricity should be owned by the people under community control and integrated planning – we’ll take it back off the greedy corporates and give our families and old people affordable power.

Quality public health care
People are dying on waiting lists. The Alliance will properly fund public health and throw out user pays and means testing.

Free education: drop the debt!
The Alliance stands for free education for all. Student loans are out of control at $9.5 billion. Let’s drop the debt and give young people a good start in life.

Good housing
The Alliance supports low-interest, no deposit loans for low income people to buy their own homes.

Protecting our environment
The Alliance will protect our environment from the problems caused by greed driven economic policies.

Real Democracy
The Alliance says that New Zealanders have a right to make the decisions about their lives and their communities.

Alliance Party Policies

If you have any questions regarding any Alliance Party Policy please contact:

Alliance Party Co-leader and Treasurer: Kay Murray
Telephone: (021) 167 2843
Email kaysimmondsmurray@alliance.org.nz

Alliance Party Co-leader: Kevin Campbell
Telephone: (029) 479 2965
Email kevin.campbell@alliance.org.nz

Or the appropriate Alliance Party Spokesperson. Contact Details can be found here

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