Alliance Party Transport Policy


  • There is rising concern over the increasing pollution levels generated by cars and trucks, the damage to the environment and our heritage, increased traffic noise and the disruption to people’s lives caused by the construction of new roads.

  • Current levels of expenditure on new road construction are not keeping pace with traffic growth, nor resolving congestion problems in urban areas.

  • The railway network has been seriously neglected over many years. There are problems with truck maintenance and much of the rolling stock is very outdated.

  • The fragmented approach to transport planning particularly in urban areas such as the Auckland region is putting additional strains on business and commuters.

  • Ever increasing supply of cheap oil is no longer guaranteed.

  • The high level of road deaths in New Zealand, in comparison with other developed countries, has highlighted engineering issues, as well as vehicle standards and the need for better driver education.

We stand for the following policies

  • Urban transport: Publicly funded, fully integrated transport systems such as rapid bus and rail systems in urban areas; prioritise appropriate funding to public transport to cut journey times and reduce traffic growth in urban areas.

  • Railways: Rebuild the national rail network as part of a publicly operated and integrated transport system that utilises rail capacity and coastal shipping services to reduce road freight.

  • Airlines: Return the national airline and airports to 100% public ownership and operate as a public service.

  • Roads: Maintain the New Zealand road system to a high standard to keep the roading network fit for the needs of both urban and rural communities and industry; focus on improvements to safety standards in road construction and maintenance, vehicle standards and driver education and training.

  • Funding: No private funding initiatives – such as public/private partnerships and toll roads – which merely add extra cost to an already expensive process for no tangible gain. Shift a significant amount of funding from road construction to public transport infrastructure and channel a greater share of fuel tax into transport systems.

  • Regional infrastructure: Improve regional infrastructure (including the railways) to ensure that people and goods have ready access to places of work, distribution areas and ports; return ports into 100% public ownership and local control.

  • Promote research into new transport fuels and seek to decrease reliance on oil.

  • Reintroduce cabotage to ensure that domestic shipping between New Zealand ports was carried out by New Zealand crewed ships.

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