Senior Citizens

Alliance Party Senior Citizens Policy


End discrimination on grounds of age.

We stand for the following policies:

  • Increasing superannuation to 72.5% of the average after-tax wage.

  • Superannuation to be available at age 55 at reduced rates until age 65 to reflect the growing need for public provision from an earlier age.

  • An end to all means testing of senior citizens needing long-term care.

  • Government funded advocacy services for older people.

  • Subsidised telephones and transport for senior citizens.

  • To service the needs of elderly people in the community with special health needs, general and base hospitals will be funded to include Assessment and rehabilitation services and district hospitals will be funded to provide continuing care and respite care.

  • Additional aged-care funding aiming to improve the quality of care by tagging it to increases in wages and to provision of training and safe workloads for staff – not to increase the profit of private providers.

  • Development of a variety of housing options offering different degrees of support as alternatives to leaving personals homes for full rest home care.

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