Public Assets

Alliance Party Public Assets Policy


  • The Alliance was founded on the principles of public ownership and control of water, electricity, telecommunications, railways, ports and airports. We have consistently campaigned to prevent the sale of these assets.

  • The corporatisation of New Zealand’s state-owned assets in the 1980s was a first step in readying strategic resources for sale.

  • Huge profits have been made by private purchasers, many of them foreign corporations, through the sale of our public assets such as water, rail and telecommunications. Most of these profits have gone overseas.

  • The provision of services such as electricity and water are a basic human right and should not be subject to market machanisms.

We stand for the following policies


  • Integrate electricity generating and supply companies under 100% public ownership and community control so that they operate in the public interest.

  • Remove market mechanisms from the provision and supply of electricity.

  • End speculation by big business based on ‘spot prices’ and control prices to residential consumers to ensure that electricity is affordable.

  • Commit to long-term planning of electricity generation and supply, with an emphasis on development of sustainable renewable energy sources.

  • Encourage energy efficient housing.


  • Amend the Commerce Act so that water provision can no longer be a commercial activity.

  • Oppose the contracting out of water services and public-private partnerships (joint ventures).

  • Return water services to public ownership and control with the abolition of contracted services and corporatised bodies.

Public Transport:

  • Rebuild the rail network as part of a publicly operated and integrated transport system that utilises rail capacity and coastal shipping services to reduce road freight.

  • Maintain the road network under public control and oppose public-private partnerships for road construction.

  • Return the national airline and airports to 100% public ownership and operate as a public service.

  • Return shipping ports to 100% public ownership and local control; reintroduce cabotage to ensure coastal shipping is carried out by New Zealand crewed ships.


  • Return the ‘last mile’ of the telephone network into public ownership.

  • Regulate and control monopoly power in the now privatised telecommunications network; maintain the Telecom Kiwi Share.

  • Guarantee low cost and reliable Internet and cellphone access for all New Zealanders regardless of where they live.


  • No signing up to agreements in GATS (General Agreement on Trade and Services) that open up services such as the provision of water, electricity, transport and telecommunications to overseas investment.

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