Alliance Party Immigration Policy


  • Immigration policy has too often been marked by reactive ad hoc decisions, regulations and policies.

  • Planning should allow for population growth; the impact of migration (both external and internal) on communities, especially on large population centres such as Auckland; the proactive measures needed to assist new immigrants to settle into and contribute to their new country.

  • Pacific Island communities have very special links with New Zealand. However, quota systems of entry have led to injustices, particularly Samoans who were deemed in law to be entitled to New Zealand citizenship because of their British subject rights prior to Samoan independence in 1962.

  • There has been well-documented exploitation by unscrupulous employers of people in New Zealand on work permits. Workers have been subject to conditions that are not up to New Zealand workplace standards.

We stand for the following policies

  • The Alliance wants fair and equitable entry criteria for all potential immigrants. Immigration categories and levels should be based on accurate data and planning within an overall population policy. This will ensure that New Zealand gains the skills it needs.

  • Family reunification is a valid immigration category, as are humanitarian considerations that comply with internationally recognised criteria and refugee status under the United Nations Convention and international law. (see Refugee Policy).

  • Our immigration policy complements our economic and regional development policy. We support incentives to encourage new New Zealanders to settle in regions other than the major centres of Auckland and Wellington.

  • We will identify and establish appropriate resettlement programmes for migrants. The Immigration Service will co-ordinate the services of relevant state agencies and community bodies to provide support for immigrants to adjust to their new country. This assistance will include provision of English language teaching and culture assimilation.

  • Immigrants professionally qualified in, for example, medicine, dentistry, veterinary practice and engineering have found that they have been granted entry on the basis of their qualifications but, if they have qualified in countries other than Australia, Canada, South Africa of Great Britain, they are currently refused registration by the appropriate body in New Zealand. The Alliance will push for this to be taken up as a matter of urgency.

  • The Alliance will push for a review of the Treaty of Friendship with the Samoan Government with the aim of ensuring a fair and just system of emigration to New Zealand and to recognise citizenship rights. We will also push for an immediate review of the entry criteria for all Pacific Island nations with significant communities in New Zealand, recognising their special relationship with New Zealand by treating them the same as Australian citizens and removing existing immigration restrictions.

  • The New Zealand Immigration Service, in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour and local authorities, will require employers to provide evidence or undergo inspection to ensure that all employees with work permits are engaged in workplaces which meet all of the standards applying to New Zealand workers generally.

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