Alliance Party Energy Policy


  • Electricity is an essential good and should not be subject to commercial exploitation.

  • Restructuring the electricity sector has been bad for all consumers. The time for a market based approach is over.

  • Affordable electricity is essential for many of out major industries.

  • New Zealand’s present electricity system was built by taxpayers, and thought it is still 75% public owned, it is currently run to maximise profits for the corporate sector.

  • Introduction of a wholesale market has led to extreme price hikes and high profits for generators, wholesalers and retailers, who have monopoly control over their corners of the market.

  • Domestic consumers have faced price increases far in excess of any increase in costs.

  • A shortage crisis is looming because the market makes more money that way.

We stand for the following policies

  • 100% public ownership of electricity generation, lines and retail companies.

  • Commitment to long term planning of electricity supply as part of an overall Government energy strategy.

  • Removal of market mechanisms from the provision and supply of electricity and gas.

  • Emphasis on the development of renewable resources

  • Price controls on supply of electricity and gas to residential customers.

  • Making it illegal for energy companies to cut off electricity or gas supply.

  • No nuclear power.

  • Take bold steps to improve energy efficiency and reduce relative use of electricity.

  • An energy sector that contributes to our commitments for a cleaner environment and for carbon neutrality by 2030.

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