The Alliance supports the implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy – Whakanui Oranga adopted by the Alliance-Labour Government in 2001.

We stand for the following policies:

  • Establishment of an independent and adequately resourced Disability Commission to advocate on behalf of people with disability, their families/whanau and support agencies, with the majority of members to be people with disabilities.
  • Full, ongoing support for the implementation of the Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Repeal Act in terms of ensuring that disabled people in previously ‘sheltered’ work environments are given real jobs and decent pay.
  • Supported employment, adapted work environments, creative leisure opportunities, job training and decent pay to prevent people with disabilities from being marginalized in the workplace.
  • Income support and benefits for people with disabilities which reflect the real costs of living with disability.
  • Payments for parents, and other family members, who are carers of people with disabilities.
  • Individualized support packages for home help and personal assistance will be made available to all eligible disabled people with full employment protections and a decent living wage for all support workers.
  • Provision of the same level of benefits and equipment, for both ACC and Disability Support clients.
  • Reintroduction of ACC pensions for those clients whose impairment restricts or inhibits their ability to work; restore the principles of the Woodhouse Report which governed ACC policies and principles until 1992.
  • Design of education in schools to best meet the needs of individual disabled students with an emphasis on being included in open educational settings, and with adequately funded resource support
  • We endorse the implementation of recommendations of the Human Rights Commission’s Inquiry into Accessible Public Land Transport. For example, buses, trains and aeroplanes should be fully accessible for all people with disabilities by 2015.
  • Provision of subsidized transport for people with disabilities and other transport disadvantaged groups.
  • Housing New Zealand Corporation and local authorities will be charged with leading the way in providing for modified/accessible housing and that future requirements for the building of all new homes in New Zealand incorporate the need for easily modifiable inclusive housing designs.
  • Ensure the provision of fully accessible health services to all disabled people and people with mental illness through District Health Boards and other health agencies and that recognition be given that disability and health issues need to be considered separately in many cases.
  • Provision of support for disabled people to artistically and culturally express themselves and participate within the wider arts scene.
  • Provision of ongoing funding and support for disabled sportspeople and continue to work on eliminating the barriers faced by disabled people in undertaking recreation and leisure activities.
  • Continued support for the implementation of the New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006 through government and within society.
  • We will try to address barriers that disabled people face in accessing justice and particularly for disabled people who, amongst other groups, are more vulnerable to various forms of violence and abuse and who in many instances cannot physically or otherwise access Women’s Refuge and other violence prevention support services.

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