"Welfare working group" an expensive make work scheme for friends of National

The only positive thing to come out of the Welfare Working Group so far is that it has provided the eight members of the group and their support crew with well paid jobs for most of the year.

Alliance Party co leader Kay Murray says it took the government appointed Welfare Working Group about six months and who knows how many hundreds of thousands of public money to create a discussion document that noted are too many people on benefits and not enough people in paid work.

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Time to give flat tax concept a decent burial

Alliance Party co leader Kay Murray says it is time for National and ACT to get over their fixation with flat tax and return to reality.

“Flat tax is an outdated idea of the 1980’s. All flat tax does is give the already wealthy a license to print money while destroying the living standards of low to middle income earners, the majority of the population. The flat tax theory is about as credible as the flat earth theory.”

Ms Murray says the introduction of flat tax would spell the demise of the welfare state.

“Something all New Zealanders should resist, especially since we have been credited with being the first country in the world enlightened enough to introduce a welfare state that includes public health, education and social security for all citizens.” Continue reading