Kiwi Made Means Nothing to KiwiRail

“Kiwi made” obviously means nothing to KiwiRail. The State Owned Enterprise’s latest tendering decision is to outsource the manufacture of its railway couplers, used to connect rolling stock.  This will see the Dunedin workers who formerly made them reduced to a four day working week and facing a tenuous future.

The Alliance Party believes local procurement is essential for any government service or local body to provide employment and training opportunities and to ensure money spent goes back to local communities. Continue reading

A Solid Look at SOEs

Solid Energy is going down the gurgler, NZ Post is trying to get out of delivering mail, KiwiRail is closing railway lines and ordering all its new stock from offshore, and Mighty River Power is throwing money at exploration work in Chile – $250 million to date and growing – desperate to find a viable geothermal field to exploit Chileans facing power price hikes because of drought conditions.

What do all these entities have in common?  They’re all State Owned Enterprises working against the best interests of New Zealand. Continue reading

Shocking electricity rip off continues


The Alliance Party says electricity generators have been given a license to print money as freezing winter weather pushes up peoples power bills.

On Thursday 21 May the Commerce Commission confirmed that New Zealand’s four main electricity generators were manipulating production to make huge profits at the expense of families and businesses.

The Commerce Commission also say that this price gouging is not illegal – a fact which should concern us all, says Alliance Energy Spokesperson Ian Tinkler.
Mr Tinkler says electricity generation should be about generating warm homes, not generating profits. Continue reading