You Have To Be Green To Be Red?

Environmental issues and social justice are intertwined. Global warming can only be averted by using the Earth’s resources in a fair and sustainable way.

Likewise, social justice can only occur if global warming is at least contained. Those most at risk from a planet with frequent extreme climate events, pollution, and scarcity of resources, are the same people at risk from unscrupulous employers who refuse to pay a living wage and provide safe working conditions. Continue reading

Arguments We Need to Win in 2014

What’s good for business is good for everyone, right? Wrong, actually.

Businesses that pay all workers a liveable wage, that provide a healthy and safe working environment, that tread lightly on environment, that turn out quality products or services that we actually need, and that pay a decent tax on their profits can benefit us all.

Businesses that pay low wages except to an elite few (usually offshore) directors and shareholders, that are unsafe for workers, that wreck the environment, that churn out junk, and that use every trick in the book to avoid paying their fair share of taxes cost the country and the planet. Continue reading

Poverty and Inequality – Are We Bored or Burnt Out And What Can Be Done About It?

People have become bored with economic inequality and poverty issues, according to Otago University Political Studies lecturer Dr Bryce Edwards. He ruffled a few feathers, but he’s probably right. The amount of media attention and voter support the Alliance Party has gotten in recent years certainly supports his theory. Or possibly people are just burnt out. Continue reading

Tax cuts help John Key's mates but leave ordinary New Zealanders out in the cold


The Alliance says National’s tax cuts are a complete fiasco that punish the poor and starve the nation of vital social spending.

Alliance Party co-leader Kay Murray says anyone earning under $24,000 misses out completely.

“People on this income level desperately need a break to deal with spiralling basic costs such as food, housing and transport.”

She says the tax cuts are an attack on low income earners, and make no real difference to middle income earners, as they starve spending on health, education and other important social services. Continue reading

Poverty in New Zealand: Address to the Catholic Conference on Poverty

9 August 2008, Palmerston North, by Richard Wallis, 2008 candidate for Wellington Central, number 5 on party list

Good morning and thank you for the opportunity to speak. I am Richard Wallis, Alliance spokesperson for education and candidate for Wellington Central. I lived here in Palmerston North for 10 years, first studying at Massey and then 5 years at the local Warehouse. I was a member of the St Pat’s community. It was the Massey Catholic group “Manako” where I was reminded of the importance of social justice. Continue reading