Alliance offers a new home for Progressive Party members

Alliance Party co leader Kay Murray says that with the announcement that the Progressive Party will no longer be contesting elections, the Alliance Party would welcome any Progressive’s and others who do not wish to take Jim Anderton’s advice and join the Labour Party.

“To all accounts the Progressive Party is winding up. Progressive members who do not feel at home with the Rogernomics style, right wing economic policies of Phil Goff’s Labour Party will find themselves more at home in the Alliance.”

Alliance Party policies including free healthcare and education, affordable housing, progressive taxation, and a liveable wage or benefit, would appeal to those disappointed with the final merging of the Progressive Party into the Labour Party, a process that had long ago occurred in all but name.

“It would make much more sense to join a party that believes in the same things as you do, rather than, as Mr Anderton suggests, join the Labour Party and try to persuade them to adopt your ideas. Labour hasn’t listened in the past so why would you expect them to listen in the future?” Continue reading