Act Against Corporate Welfare, Rescue The Common Good

Corporate welfare exists in secret trusts and corporations that play one country’s tax laws off against another’s to avoid paying taxes whilst heavying governments for handouts. Corporate welfare exists in misnamed ‘trade’ treaties, like the TPP, that allow overseas corporations to dispute the decisions of elected governments and embed corporate money spinners like the extension of copyright and patent law worldwide.

Corporate welfare fuels the “relentless machine of corporate profit.” And corporate welfare subverts the common good. Continue reading

The Left Don’t Want Leftovers; Or Why Metiria Should Keep Her Jacket!

If anyone still wonders why so many people can’t be bothered to vote, the last few days has probably answered provided the answer. The debate amongst senior politicians over an MP’s dress sense was banal and rude, and from a woman’s perspective, just plain embarrassing. Some of the comments were so mean they would have had teenage girls called immediately to the Principal’s Office.

However it did highlight another issue, the misconception amongst the political right that activist groups and political parties concerned with fighting poverty and inequality, such as the Greens and the Alliance, demand austerity – that we believe that no one should have any fun or treats or own nice things. Continue reading

New Zealand – Nasty or Nice?

The government is crowing about the latest draconian measures introduced in its crackdown on benefit fraud. But all this shows is that New Zealand is in danger of becoming a petty, mean, dog eat dog nation. We ration everything. We don’t give anything away except to people who are absolutely desperate and then we watch their every move to make sure they don’t to anything that could remotely be described as ‘fun’ so much do we resent them supposedly getting something for nothing.

It’s all a far cry from being the first country in the world to introduce a social welfare system, give women the vote, and become nuclear free. Continue reading