No Place To Hide From Climate Change

“It’s official – 2050 is the point of no return for climate change,” according to Emeritus Professor Jim Flynn. Professor Flynn was speaking at an open lecture on climate change as part of the Alliance Party conference in Christchurch yesterday. Professor Flynn, who has been researching climate change for an upcoming book, painted a bleak picture. We need to get to zero emissions as soon as possible to avoid sea level rises as high as 12 metres by 2100, dwindling water resources, and an ever-increasing amount of non arable land. Continue reading

Shocking electricity rip off continues


The Alliance Party says electricity generators have been given a license to print money as freezing winter weather pushes up peoples power bills.

On Thursday 21 May the Commerce Commission confirmed that New Zealand’s four main electricity generators were manipulating production to make huge profits at the expense of families and businesses.

The Commerce Commission also say that this price gouging is not illegal – a fact which should concern us all, says Alliance Energy Spokesperson Ian Tinkler.
Mr Tinkler says electricity generation should be about generating warm homes, not generating profits. Continue reading

Free market electricity model fails as power cuts loom in depths of winter

“Face the facts, the free market cannot supply secure power for New Zealanders,” says Alliance Party Energy Spokesperson, Ian Tinkler.

Mr Tinkler says people are facing more calls to save energy to stave out a power crisis, yet electricity companies in this country have been making huge profits far beyond the expected returns on their cost of assets.

“Now these companies cannot guarantee supply to households in New Zealand.”

Mr Tinkler says splitting up the former state owned enterprise ECNZ has been a disaster for ordinary people.

“Not only do we have to pay much higher prices than in the days when ECNZ was the monopoly generator, now we find out the free market cannot supply enough electricity.” Continue reading

Electricity prices must be reduced this winter

The Alliance Party says electricity prices must be reduced for ordinary consumers this winter.

Alliance Energy Spokeperson Ian Tinkler says the removal of democracy from the electricity sector in the last 10 years has resulted in huge price increases.

“Why should ordinary New Zealanders freeze while electricity corporates make huge profits?”

Mr Tinkler says that before the destructive changes in the electricity sector in 1998, most people received their electricity from community or local authority owned power boards.

“These boards were connected to domestic user of electricity and were answerable through the ballot box – the governance representatives were accountable to the people.” Continue reading

Vector's dim-bulb sellout will leave us powerless

The sale by electricity supplier Vector of the UnitedNetworks lines company to a Chinese-based corporation is a threat to secure and affordable power to New Zealanders, says the Alliance Party.

Alliance spokesperson Victor Billot says the basic infrastructure of New Zealand including electricity must remain not just in New Zealand hands, but in the full ownership and control of the people of New Zealand, to be managed for the public good.

Mr Billot says the buyup is linked directly to investment giant Hutchison Whampoa, which failed in a bid to gain a controlling interest in the Port of Lyttelton in 2006.

“These predatory multinationals have no interest in the future of New Zealand except whatever profit they can extract, as the debacle with the railways privatization showed in the 1990s. If the people do not own and control the vital infrastructure of our nation, we have become tenants in our own land.” Continue reading

Alliance asks why are we facing another power crisis?

Alliance Party energy spokesperson Ian Tinkler says New Zealand is facing another power crisis, despite the vital need for a stable and secure electricity supply to households and industry.

Mr Tinkler says the underlying cause is the competitive model of electricity generation.

“In the late 1990s the then National Government forced this system on New Zealand. After a decade, its failure is plain to see – but the current Labour Government refuses to change the system.” Continue reading