Would the Real Left Wing Parties Please Stand Up?

The Alliance Party is amused and, quite frankly, confused, to hear John Key repeatedly refer to a possible Labour/Greens coalition as a “far left” government in the media these days.

Key bases his assessment on their new power policy which would see a government provider buying all the power from generators. However Key should ponder the fact that the state owned all aspects of power generation and the distribution of electricity right up until 1999. And no one ever described the Holyoake and Muldoon led National governments of this era as “far left” because electricity was state owned.

Not that being a “left wing” party is a bad thing. For the majority of New Zealanders, having a genuine “left wing” coalition government would be very good indeed. Continue reading

Kiwis left in the cold by asset sales

Kevin Campbell, Alliance Party co-leader

More New Zealanders will go cold if the National Government is allowed to sell shares in our power companies.

Providing New Zealanders with affordable and reliable electricity would be secondary to providing shareholders with the maximum return on their investment.  The asset sales plans have understandably met with massive opposition from New Zealanders.

Now these plans have been delayed, and are looking even more shaky and shonky.

This is the time to make sure that asset sales, including our power companies, are stopped for good. Continue reading

Can the Government Guarantee Domestic Power Prices if the Power Companies Are Sold?

The government says domestic power prices will not rise steeply if shares are sold in the three publicly owned power companies, but can they guarantee it? And what if they are wrong? This has the Alliance Party worried, according to co leader Kay Murray.

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Alliance Party Warns Investors that Asset Sales Can Be Reversed

For the Alliance Party the Mixed Ownership Bill is a case of ground-hog day. The Alliance was formed to fight the privatization agenda of the 1980’s and 1990’s. “We find it profoundly depressing that this government is determined to repeat the failures of the past,” said Co Leader Kay Murray. Continue reading

Shocking electricity rip off continues


The Alliance Party says electricity generators have been given a license to print money as freezing winter weather pushes up peoples power bills.

On Thursday 21 May the Commerce Commission confirmed that New Zealand’s four main electricity generators were manipulating production to make huge profits at the expense of families and businesses.

The Commerce Commission also say that this price gouging is not illegal – a fact which should concern us all, says Alliance Energy Spokesperson Ian Tinkler.
Mr Tinkler says electricity generation should be about generating warm homes, not generating profits. Continue reading

Free market electricity model fails as power cuts loom in depths of winter

“Face the facts, the free market cannot supply secure power for New Zealanders,” says Alliance Party Energy Spokesperson, Ian Tinkler.

Mr Tinkler says people are facing more calls to save energy to stave out a power crisis, yet electricity companies in this country have been making huge profits far beyond the expected returns on their cost of assets.

“Now these companies cannot guarantee supply to households in New Zealand.”

Mr Tinkler says splitting up the former state owned enterprise ECNZ has been a disaster for ordinary people.

“Not only do we have to pay much higher prices than in the days when ECNZ was the monopoly generator, now we find out the free market cannot supply enough electricity.” Continue reading

We should ignore threats from smelter executives

Alliance Party co-leader Kay Murray says the government should simply ignore the threat tactics of mining transnational Rio Tinto over the planned emissions trading scheme.

Ms Murray says the smelter came to New Zealand because Manapouri power station was virtually built for them, and they have been given cheap electricity ever since that is subsidized by ordinary people.

“How cheap remains a secret, but some estimates indicate that in the latest deal the rate per unit could be as little as a quarter of what the average domestic household pays.”

Given that its supplier is state owned Meridian Energy, this is a huge tax payer subsidy, says Ms Murray. Continue reading