Dunedin City water plans will unleash a torrent of resistance


UPDATE: Dunedin City Councillor reacts to Alliance:
“Oh for God’s Sake”

The Alliance Party says proposals to push forward user pays water metering will unleash a torrent of resistance from angry Dunedinites.

The Otago Daily Times today reported that Dunedin City Council has warned getting water for free is a concept the public “needs to get away from”.

Alliance Party spokesperson Victor Billot says that the Dunedin City Council “needs to get away from the concept of ramming through right-wing user pays policies with no mandate.” Continue reading

Cadbury's job losses indicate a failing system

Alliance Party Dunedin North candidate and trade spokeperson Victor Billot says the loss of around 145 jobs at Cadbury’s in Dunedin was an indicator of the serious problems faced by working people in New Zealand.

“We are seeing a slow motion disaster for working people as secure jobs evaporate in Dunedin and throughout the nation as major players like Fisher and Paykel and Cadbury shut down plant and lay off the workforce.”

He says Dunedin can’t take continual hits like this, and workers needed support, but were unlikely to get it from the current Government or a National Party whose answer to unemployment was to attack the unemployed. Continue reading

Radical solutions needed to save Dunedin jobs, says Alliance

The Alliance Party says the closure of the Fisher and Paykel plant and Tamahine factory in Dunedin has seen a collapse of any type of local or national leadership to deal with the problem.

Alliance Party trade spokesperson Victor Billot says workers have been ignored as the vital part of the solution.

“There are an enormous amount of skills and human ability out there, but the response of Government and business is to weep a few crocodile tears and just carry on as usual. Frankly the workers at these outfits would get more headway if they occupied the factories and refused to leave, and just started producing goods again. They don’t have anything to lose. And you can be sure the local community would get right in behind them.” Continue reading

Alliance joins opposition to multi-million stadium

The Alliance is supporting the community-organized protest against city council funding for a multipurpose stadium in Dunedin. The protest is starting at the Moray Place entrance to the Town Hall on Wednesday 23 May at 5pm. We say that the plan benefits business while disadvantaging those on fixed incomes, and massive debt on such a project is wrong when there are more pressing needs.

The issue has created strong local debate and the Alliance has presented oral and written submissions to the Dunedin City Council. Our stance is noted in full in this submission. Continue reading