Act Against Corporate Welfare, Rescue The Common Good

Corporate welfare exists in secret trusts and corporations that play one country’s tax laws off against another’s to avoid paying taxes whilst heavying governments for handouts. Corporate welfare exists in misnamed ‘trade’ treaties, like the TPP, that allow overseas corporations to dispute the decisions of elected governments and embed corporate money spinners like the extension of copyright and patent law worldwide.

Corporate welfare fuels the “relentless machine of corporate profit.” And corporate welfare subverts the common good. Continue reading

Sky City; Walk Away Or Run?

Sky City doesn’t need any government help. This week they announced revenue of over $500 million and a half year profit of just over $66 million.

There can be no justification for handing over any taxpayers money to Sky City, certainly not over $100 million of it. Sky City can well afford to build whatever it wants to out of its own operating profits. They’ve already been gifted a piece of public land in downtown Auckland to build the convention centre. Not to mention a 27-year extension to its licence and the right to have an extra 230 pokies and up to 52 more gaming tables. The government has been generous to a fault – at our expense. Continue reading

Fonterra bosses pay out should be trim milk not full cream

The Alliance Party says it expects Fonterra executives to take a major cut in their pay following the melamine scandal.

Dairy giant Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier is making just under $4 million a year, almost $1 million more than he made two years ago, according to the latest annual report.

Alliance Party trade spokesperson Victor Billot says the 2008 melamine scandal in China had been a personal tragedy for thousands of families, had damaged New Zealand’s standing in the world, and had caused great economic damage.

“It was the dark side of free trade globalization in action, and it happened because our corporations and our Government were blinded by the promise of profit from an unregulated market economy at the expense of every other ethical, social or even common sense value.”

He says salaries for Fonterra bosses should be “trim milk not full cream” to reflect recent events. Continue reading

We should ignore threats from smelter executives

Alliance Party co-leader Kay Murray says the government should simply ignore the threat tactics of mining transnational Rio Tinto over the planned emissions trading scheme.

Ms Murray says the smelter came to New Zealand because Manapouri power station was virtually built for them, and they have been given cheap electricity ever since that is subsidized by ordinary people.

“How cheap remains a secret, but some estimates indicate that in the latest deal the rate per unit could be as little as a quarter of what the average domestic household pays.”

Given that its supplier is state owned Meridian Energy, this is a huge tax payer subsidy, says Ms Murray. Continue reading