Why We Didn’t Stand In Christchurch East

The Alliance Party has decided not to stand a candidate in the Christchurch East by election because, quite frankly, we think the Left has bigger fish to fry.

The Alliance was sorely tempted to stand a candidate, given that it is the electorate that co leader Kevin Campbell lives in. It would have been an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of the Alliance.

However the Alliance believes that it is imperative that Left – including the Centre Left- work together to avoid another three years of National’s punitive policies for low and middle income earners. We shudder to think what our country will look like after another term under National, especially if as some are predicting, the Conservative Party become coalition partners. Continue reading

Alliance denounces rent spike in Christchurch council housing

The Alliance Party is supporting the Council of Social Services in its High Court legal challenge to stop massive rent increases for council housing in Christchurch.
Alliance Party Housing Spokesperson and Wigram candidate Tom Dowie says the Minister of Local Government should be stepping in and demanding that the Christchurch City Council hold off with the rent rises until the High Court has made a determination.
“This 24% rent hike is outrageous and will result in hardship at a time of rising living costs.” Continue reading