Paul Henry deserves sack from TVNZ

The Alliance Party is supporting IHC’s stand against Paul Henry and is encouraging TVNZ to sack their errant broadcaster.

Alliance Party disabilities spokesperson Chris Ford has said that Mr Henry’s latest outburst should see him out of public broadcasting.

“In what can only be described as a new low for public broadcasters in New Zealand, Paul Henry giggled like an ignorant schoolboy as he read out how British singer Susan Boyle became impaired at birth as a result of oxygen deprivation and described her as ‘retarded’. This is an outdated term to describe learning/intellectual impairment and it has recently become a term of abuse which is used in a negative and subjective manner against people with intellectual and learning disabilities,” said Mr Ford. Continue reading

Alliance launches legal challenge to broadcasting allocation for 2008 General Election

The Alliance Party filed proceedings on Friday 13 June in the High Court at Christchurch seeking judicial review of the Electoral Commission’s allocation of funding for the broadcast of election advertising in the 2008 General Election.

The Alliance Party has also challenged the Commission’s decision not to allocate it a closing address.

The implications of the decision could be wide ranging. If the Alliance Party is successful in its claim for a closing address of whatever length, the time for this would need to come off another party’s address. The flow on of any victory to the 10 or so other non-parliamentary parties could lead to a significant reduction of current allocations.

“Democracy is being short-changed,” says Alliance Co-leader Andrew McKenzie.

“The current allocation process is terminally stacked against non-parliamentary parties, in that they lack the ‘oxygen of publicity’ that Parliament provides. Election time is the only time the public have an opportunity to hear new ideas and fresh thinking from outside the status quo parties.”

“Is a million dollars each for Labour and National going to really help someone choose more wisely between Helen and John?” says Mr McKenzie. Continue reading