Don’t Just Get Tough on Crime, Get Rid of Crime

Come election time there is always at least one party, sometimes more, that insists the way to prevent crime and keep everybody safe is to lock up anyone who looks a bit dodgy and throw away the key. This election is no exception.

There are many problems with this mentality, vote grabber though it may be. Yes, there is crime in New Zealand, and even one crime a year is one crime to many. But crime rates are not, on the whole, going up. Locking up people for minor offences costs the country a fortune and turns them into hardened criminals who will commit more crimes on release.

Getting tough on crime will never get rid of crime. It will always be shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. No one can be locked up until they have actually committed a crime. By that time it’s too late. Continue reading

Alliance tells National you reap what you sow in alcohol and drug policy

The Alliance Party has attacked National over their crocodile tears that over a million dollars a week is being spent on benefits for alcoholics and drug addicts.

Alliance Party health spokesperson Tom Dowie says both National and Labour were behind the rundown and selloff of the Queen Mary facility in Hanmer Springs which successfully treated many alcohol and drug addicts.

“During the 1990s the National Government contracted out the services at Queen Mary Hospital in Hanmer Springs, the most successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the country, which because of its nature of service and location was never going to work as a private operation.” Continue reading