Alliance Party Warns Investors that Asset Sales Can Be Reversed

For the Alliance Party the Mixed Ownership Bill is a case of ground-hog day. The Alliance was formed to fight the privatization agenda of the 1980’s and 1990’s. “We find it profoundly depressing that this government is determined to repeat the failures of the past,” said Co Leader Kay Murray. Continue reading

Government paralysis in transport failing New Zealand

The Alliance Party says New Zealand’s transport infrastructure should not be allowed to fall victim to the National Government’s lack of foresight and lack of leadership.

Alliance Party transport spokesperson Trevor Hanson says at least two New Zealand regions have had their transport infrastructure put under threat as a result of dominant market players making unilateral decisions – decisions that have serious affected regional industry.

He says it appears the regions are being left high and dry by the Government. Continue reading

Air New Zealand management deserve to be "cleaned out"

The Alliance Party is supporting locked out flight attendants employed by Air New Zealand subsidiary Zeal 320 Ltd.

Alliance Party spokesperson Victor Billot says all fair minded New Zealanders will be outraged and offended at Air New Zealand management’s tactics to rip off its workers.

“Most of these workers are young, and what Air New Zealand is doing to them is shameful.”

Air New Zealand are using a holding company called Zeal 320 Ltd to employ flight attendants on inferior terms and conditions than those that are employed directly by Air New Zealand itself. Continue reading

Air New Zealand contracting out tactics contemptuous

The Alliance Party has condemned the “scabrous behaviour” of Air New Zealand in its latest dispute with its staff.

Alliance Party President and industrial relations spokesperson Paul Piesse says that to employ strikebreakers to rat on workers exercising their right to use the only real pressure they have on an employer, shows the company’s contemptuous attitude.

“Air New Zealand has had to be bailed out by Government money – our money – yet the National Government and the previous Labour Government has both refused to take any responsibility for the behaviour of the appointed custodians of its investment.”
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Illegal, immoral or both? Air New Zealand, Minister Mallard and Department of Labour flap in circles in air crew debacle

The Alliance Party says the case of the underpaid Chinese air crew with Air New Zealand has started to become surreal, with a public spat between the Department of Labour and Air New Zealand over whether New Zealand or Chinese law applied to their employment practices.

Alliance Party spokesperson Victor Billot says the Department of Labour have taken the unusual step of publicly correcting Air New Zealand. Continue reading

Alliance Party says new Air New Zealand air crew email to customers a "crass bribe"

The Alliance Party has slammed an email letter to Air New Zealand customers where CEO Rob Fyfe dismisses extensive media coverage of underpaid Chinese air crews as “misleading” and offers “ludicrously low fares” to China.

Alliance Party co-leader Victor Billot says the letter’s contents are “crass and patronizing.”

The email from Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe praises the abilities of Chinese air crew – while stating that Chinese crew “are paid on a par with their New Zealand-based counterparts on an hours-worked basis.”

Mr Billot says “Rob Fyfe knows his Chinese air crew are unhappy. That’s why they talked to the press. There is nothing misleading about media reports on this scandal. The underpaid Chinese air crew who spoke out took a major risk to do so as they do not have access to independent trade unions or media coverage in their own country – a situation Mr Fyfe would no doubt like to see duplicated in New Zealand.”
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Alliance Party demands apology and compensation for ripped off Chinese air crew

The Alliance Party says the revelation that Air New Zealand is paying its overseas cabin crew below the minimum wage is a “red alert” to workers about what free trade deals will mean for New Zealand.

Alliance Party co-leader Victor Billot says the scandal is not an isolated incident at a notorious anti-worker company, but a timely warning of what the future holds.

“This situation is exactly what we will see more of under the free trade scam being pushed through behind closed doors – the use of cross-border labour with inferior conditions, contracting out, aggressive corporates, and a hands-off approach by Government – to push down wages and conditions for workers.”

Mr Billot says what is horrific about the situation is that what is effectively a publicly-owned enterprise has turned out to be the first in the queue to pay less than the minimum New Zealand wage. Continue reading