Sorry Mr Farrar, We Disagree

Pay rates should primarily be determined by demand and supply – not by legislation, so says prominent blogger David Farrar. This is why he objects to the Employment Court ruling that aged care workers are entitled to equal pay.

It is a point of view that does not sit well with the Alliance Party. Our commitment to the common good means that we believe that everyone is entitled to a liveable income no matter what. In any case for aged care workers, and many other occupations, the supply and demand ship has long since sailed. Continue reading

Alliance says aged health care workers and taxpayers being ripped off

Alliance Party co-leader Kay Murray says Ryman Healthcare announced a 29% increase in profits for the six months to September 2007, but workers in its services continue to struggle with meagre wage increases.

Rymans, a major health care provider in Otago, admits it is one of the organizations that refuses to meet a contractually agreed minimum hourly rate of $12.55 and a wage rise of $1 per hour despite being provided with extra funds to do so by the Otago District Health Board. Continue reading