RIP Kiwibank

By now most Kiwibank customers will have had their email from CEO Paul Brock telling them he wanted them “to be the first to hear the big news”. Though most would have already read about it in their daily newspaper.

The big news is that the ACC investment fund and the National Superannuation Fund have bought a 47% stake in Kiwibank. Evidently Kiwibank customers are expected to be over the moon with this deal.

Sorry Mr Brock, don’t expect us to join the celebrations. Kiwibank as we know it has gone. Continue reading

ACC not interested in levy hike views after sham consultation

The Alliance Party is unsurprised that the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has left levy rate hike proposals unchanged following their recent sham public consultation.

“This is confirmation that ACC is not interested in the public’s views on these hikes, which are largely negative,” says Alliance ACC spokesperson Chris Ford.

The Alliance believes that the consultation on the hikes was a mere sham designed to smother legitimate public fears. Mr Ford says the corporation is being sized up for privatisation and that the so-called ACC crisis is just a manufactured sham.

“Just like the Fourth Labour Government’s devaluation crisis and the Bolger National Government’s BNZ bailout crisis, this is a politically generated crisis.” Continue reading

Alliance Party calls for action on Disability Support Services (DSS) equity

Alliance Party Disabilities spokesperson and number 22 list candidate Chris Ford has called for action by the Government to achieve equity for Disability Support Services (DSS) clients.

The call comes as a campaign gets underway ahead of the general election to pressure political parties to support equity in terms of access to funding and support for both Ministry of Health/Ministry of Social Development and Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) clients. Continue reading