Alliance Party says Auckland Airport should be in public ownership

The Alliance Party says the Auckland Airport should be returned to public control, not sold to a global corporation.

Alliance Party transport spokesperson Robert van Ruyssevelt says the current buyout shows public infrastructure is continuing to be auctioned off.

“The Alliance says important and profitable infrastructure like this should be owned and managed for the benefit of the people of New Zealand by the people of New Zealand.” Continue reading

Jim Flynn against eugenics

A report appeared in the Sunday Star Times (8 July 2007) where Professor Jim Flynn was wrongly identified as supporting the idea of “eugenics.”

Jim Flynn is Alliance spokesperson on finance and tax, although the article was not related in any way to the Alliance.

Jim Flynn appeared on Close Up last night Monday 9 July and in a live interview strongly denied any such views. For those of you with broadband internet, you may wish to see the interview which can be found at TVNZ.

Jim is internationally known for his academic research into IQ and has consistently argued against eugenics and racist ideas in his work. He has consistently supported social measures to reduce inequality and improve life for all people, not just the wealthy.

Below Jim Flynn explains his position in the debate. Continue reading

Public control of power the only answer for shivering New Zealanders

The Alliance has backed calls from public health groups, consumer watchdogs and Grey Power to stabilize rocketing electricity prices for consumers.
Alliance Party President Victor Billot says it is clear that many people are finding it impossible to keep their homes warm and dry this winter.
Mr Billot says recent reports and statistics of surging power company profits was a disgrace when people were going cold.
“While corporate managers and their political friends enjoy toasty winter nights in warm dry houses, there are a lot of people shivering in cold dark houses right now.”
“Many New Zealanders can’t afford power prices, they can’t afford insulation, and are living in poor quality and overpriced housing, all of which is a public health and welfare issue.”
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Electricity profits soar as Kiwis struggle to meet the bills

As New Zealand braces for a predicted cold snap, the Alliance Party has attacked out of control electricity price hikes that are leaving families struggling to pay the power bill.

Alliance electricity spokesperson Ian Tinkler says Kiwis are going cold so power companies can boost profits – and he has the statistics to back it up.

Statistics New Zealand today released the latest New Zealand Energy Statistics, which show that household consumers have experienced another electricity price increase this quarter, up 1.4 percent compared with the December 2006 quarter, and up 6.8 percent compared with the previous March quarter. Continue reading

Death of Auckland woman in power scandal is a devastating indictment of New Zealand today

The Alliance Party says the death of an Auckland woman yesterday after her oxygen machine failed when electricity was cut off to her home is a indictment of a society where money comes before people.

Alliance Party President Victor Billot says the death of the woman was all the more preventable as it appears at least some electricity staff were informed of her personal situation.

“This is a terrible personal tragedy, but at its root is a political cause – this is a direct result of the free market system in electricity where company profits now overrule basic civilized behaviour.” Continue reading