Thank you!

The Alliance thanks all our members and supporters for their help in the 2011 election campaign, the seventh general election the Alliance has contested.

It wasn’t a good result for a fairer New Zealand. Our social problems and economic insecurity will continue to grow over the next three years.

Up to a million New Zealanders did not vote. This is a crisis of democracy when people in a democratic society do not believe their voice matters or counts.

Let’s continue to work together for a truly democratic society. Jobs, health, education and housing are still issues that are important for most people.

We hope you will join us as we can only achieve a better world by working together.

Alliance tax plan would rebuild a civilized New Zealand

The Alliance Party is calling for a major overhaul of New Zealand’s taxation system to assist low to middle income earners, and to pay for free access to high quality public goods including health and education. Continue reading

Alliance questions earthquake “project manager” costs in Christchurch rebuild

Kevin Campbell, the Alliance Party candidate for the south Christchurch electorate of Wigram, is questioning the need for Project Managers (such as Fletchers and Hawkins) who manage EQC repairs.

Mr Campbell is an experienced community lawyer who has assisted many residents with legal questions about repairs to their homes. Continue reading

Phil Goff needs to calm down and have a cup of tea

The Alliance Party says Phil Goff’s outburst about John Key “smuggling” in extra MPs is quite bemusing.

Alliance Party Wigram candidate Kevin Campbell says while Mr Goff’s aversion to the idea of ACT getting back in to Parliament through a deal with National is understandable, ACT will only return if people vote for them. Continue reading