Action Plan

The Way Forward: Action Plan from Afternoon Discussions

Goal One

To retain existing members and to find ways to encourage them to get more involved in the party

Action Plan
• Encourage people to be involved by spreading the workload and offering people jobs to do, in line with their interests and skills.
• Communicate via bi monthly email newsletters which branches copy and deliver to members who don’t have email. Mail out a printed newsletter once a year.
• Update discussion loop and update facebook and website regularly
• Encourage members who do not belong to branches to join the email discussion group and social media pages

Goals Two and Three

2. To increase the support base for the party in Auckland because it is our largest city.
3. To get at least one member back into parliament in the medium term

Action Plan
• Identify an electorate to focus on in 2014 election as soon as possible
• Identify a candidate to stand in the nominated electorate as soon as possible
• Investigate ways of getting involved in local body elections where possible to either by standing Alliance candidates or involvement with other groups

Goals Four and Five

4. To find ways to make the Alliance relevant to people who are more interested in trying to do something good for society than politics. It was observed that many young people feel this way.
5. To convey to Alliance members and supporters that they are part of a wider long term movement committed to social change rather than just a political party

Action Plan
• Keep in regular contact with our allies (groups pursuing the same goals as the Alliance or championing causes in line with Alliance policies).
• Listen to their ideas, suggestions and concerns
• Find out how we can support them
• Ask if they will include Alliance policy information, comments or speakers alongside other political parties and if we can send them our press releases

Goal Six

To continue to publicly challenge current thinking on economic and social issues

Action Plan
• Put out press releases in response to issues and use social media to promote these as widely as possible
• Set up our own actions on issues around social justice and inequality and support actions organized by other groups on issues in line with Alliance policies such as protests, petitions etc.
• Encourage as many members and supporters as possible to join the challenge by responding to negative messages on blog posts, talk back radio and in letters to the editor etc. It is vital to to let readers and listeners know that there is another point of view, as often as possible.