2011 election

The Alliance is a political movement dedicated to improving the lives of all New Zealanders.

If returned in 2011, the National Party will embark on attacks on working people’s jobs and wages, sell our public assets and run down our public schools and hospitals, to pay for unaffordable tax cuts for the very wealthy.
The Labour Party opposition is weak and confused, and don’t really know what they stand for.
New Zealand needs a party dedicated to clear, positive policies for the common good. That party is the Alliance.
If you want to make a difference – then now is the time. Waiting around for someone else to do it won’t work. Join the Alliance now and help us achieve our goals.

Please view our 2011 candidates here.

Get rid of GST

The Alliance is part of the Tax Justice campaign. We want to take GST off food and replace it with a financial transactions tax. We would phase out GST in steps. GST is a bad tax that hits ordinary people hard.

Secure jobs

Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis are struggling with casual, insecure jobs. The Alliance will protect workers in low paid jobs, defend workers’ rights and increase the minimum wage. Why are we outsourcing jobs that should be done in New Zealand? The Alliance is backing secure local jobs through campaigns like Keep Kiwis Working – building Kiwi Rail wagons in New Zealand, rather than China.

Good housing
The Alliance supports low-interest, no deposit loans for low income people to buy their own homes. It is a national disaster that New Zealanders have been forced to mortgage themselves to overseas banks to pay for over priced housing. The Alliance supports more public housing and a capital gains tax on all properties except the family home.

Take the power back

Electricity should be owned by the New Zealand public for our own benefit, providing affordable power to all.

Quality public health care

The Alliance will properly fund public health and throw out user pays and means testing.

Free education

Drop the debt! The Alliance stands for free education for all.  Student loans are out of control. Let’s drop the debt and give young people a good start in life.

Protecting our environment

The Alliance will protect our environment from the problems caused by irrational, profit driven economic policies.

Real Democracy

The Alliance says that New Zealanders have a right to make the decisions about their lives and their communities, not be dictated to by powerful private interests. That’s why we are campaigning with New Zealand Not For Sale against the free trade deals that have been signed up to without New Zealanders knowing what it means for us.

For more about what we stand for – read on.

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