TPPA Protestors Not ‘Rent A Crowd’

The National government would have everyone believe that TPPA protesters are ill-informed, unemployed rabblerousers without anything better to do than make public spectacles of themselves. ‘Rent a crowd’, John Key calls them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. TPPA protesters are very likely the people serving you in shops and restaurants, cleaning your office, teaching your children, caring for you if you end up in hospital or residential care, giving you legal advice. TPPA protesters are a very large and diverse group from all walks of life.

TPPA protesters are reluctant protesters. Most see it as a last resort when faced with a government that won’t listen to their concerns about an agreement they fear will be catastrophic for our country.

TPPA protests are organized by volunteers – in between paid employment, studying, caring for families, and the myriad of other responsibilities they have.

TPPA protesters are not anti-trade, anti-progress, or just plain anti. TPPA protesters can see through the ‘spin’. They know that the TPPA is not about trade. It is a corporate raid. And they won’t buy it.

TPPA protesters are not the people your mother warned you about. They are your mothers, your grandmothers, and, we kid you not, great grandmothers. Women (and men) who care about what the future will look like for their children and their children’s children.

TPPA protesters have something very important to say and it is time the government took them seriously. When they chant, “TPPA – NO WAY” you had better believe they know what they are talking about, they mean what they say, and they are not going away until somebody listens.