National Knows The Price of Everything And The Value Of Nothing

The National government are falling over themselves to entice rich businessmen to our country. The New Zealand Investment Attraction Strategy launched recently has as one of its main goals to “lift New Zealand’s pool of “smart capital” by convincing individual investors and entrepreneurs to live in the country.”

In other words, substantially increase the number of people who can live anywhere in the world they choose, and will no doubt structure their businesses to pay their taxes (if any) anywhere in the world they choose.

No doubt many millions of taxpayers money will be thrown at “The Investment Attraction Strategy”. Countless consultants and PR firms will be needed. There will be much first class overseas travel and endless free lunches. (Though not for the schoolchildren whose families can’t afford to feed them, we hasten to add.)

But the government won’t increase the refugee quota to provide a place to live in New Zealand for people from warzones who desperately need to relocate. Even by a measly 250 people as opposition parties are calling for – not nearly enough. Amnesty International is calling for at least 1500 places a year.

Refugees will only require the cost of an airfare and temporary housing and a benefit until they get on their feet.

So why won’t the government allow 1500 refugees into New Zealand a year? Because refugees are not “smart capital” – in other words, rich.

And according to the National government ethos only rich people are useful to New Zealand.

We beg to differ.

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