A Hundred Billionaires Say “Lend Me Your Ears”

Not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade, but the picture of our Prime Minister and leaders of most of the other nations of the world “speed dating in first class” with corporate leaders and sundry other ultra rich and famous at DAVOS, is not a pretty one. A hundred billionaires bending the ears of the most influential politicians of the day has got to be bad news for the rest of us.

It is why, globally, we struggle to come to terms with climate change, let alone come up with effective ways to combat it, and have failed to address the issues of poverty and growing inequality. To put it bluntly, the billionaires are the problem.

Astute political leaders need to look far beyond the profit-fixated needs of corporate giants and the very, very wealthy. But the charm offensives by this elite little band at major world events have turned many heads. Politicians seem to genuinely believe that the advice they give contains the solutions to the pressing issues of the day.

Not so. The easiest way to increase corporate profits is to lower production costs by lowering wages and bypassing regulations around environmental protection and worker safety. The only way to eliminate poverty is for everyone to have a living wage. Robust regulations are necessary to protect the environment and workers rights.

DAVOS demonstrates quite clearly that political lobbying by the wealthy few is rampant. The rest of us can’t get a word in edgeways. Democracy is teetering on the sill, and if we are not careful, will soon go completely out the window.

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