Are We Having an Election or a Game of Trivial Pursuit?

Are we having an election or a game of Trivial Pursuit? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

We had the fixation with scarves and men who say they’re sorry. Apparently it’s not manly. Though most women would argue that men don’t say ‘sorry’ half often enough. And red scarves are an unforgivable fashion faux pas – who knew?

Then we had Steven Joyce’s supposed stand up comedy routine in the house last week, though it is dubious whether it sailed closer to schoolboy bullying. Do we want our politicians to be mediocre comedians, fashion statements, or people who actually care about our country?

The Alliance Party wants to remind people that it is ok to care. It is ok to want the best, to believe anything is possible, and to believe that New Zealand – and the world on large-scale – is able to be changed for the better. At the risk of stating the obvious, an election would seem like the ideal time to focus on this – for both politicians and voters.

Some people may be happy with the way things are at the moment for themselves, but New Zealand is not such a great place for everyone. Are voters happy to live in a country (or a world) where some people get most of the goodies while others are left virtually empty handed? And if we carry on in the same way, what will things look like in a few years time? There is nothing trivial about these questions.

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