What Is So Scary About the Far Left?

Matt McCarten’s appointment as Chief of Staff to David Cunliffe has created quite a stir. Much has been made of his Alliance Party heritage. Pundits and politicians alike are fretting about his ‘far left’ credentials.

Taunts of ‘Loony Left’ are already coming through social media and from the lips of the odd right wing politician, who should know better.

Presumably, by far/loony left they mean the Alliance Party. Yet most of those people have probably never talked to anyone in the Alliance Party, never read our press releases, never visited our website or social media pages. Perhaps they’re afraid of what they might discover?

We’re very ordinary people. We have no hidden agenda. We just have a well developed sense of fair play. Dr Lance O’Sullivan was recently voted New Zealander of the Year for his work in making doctor’s visits affordable in Northland. This is one of the Alliance’s key policies. We want to see free doctor’s visits and free prescriptions for everyone.

We want everyone to have a liveable income, something many community groups are lobbying for. And what we would hope every reasonable person would want.

We want warm dry affordable housing for everyone. The major political parties claim to want the same thing.

We want everyone to have a good education. To do this we would make it totally free and we would wipe existing student debt. There is nothing radical about that. The current crop of politicians would have had a free education.

We know that all of these things are achievable. They are not achievable without an increased financial contribution from the very well heeled New Zealanders; but all the research now shows that inequality is bad for everyone, the wealthy included.

So what is so scary about the Alliance Party and our far left policies? Absolutely nothing at all. In fact most of our scary far left policies were perfectly acceptable to both Labour and National politicians up to the 1980’s.

It is a sad day for New Zealand when wanting a fair go for everyone is portrayed as a radical, ridiculous, and possibly dangerous goal for a politician or a political party. Still, as the saying goes; sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. We’re sure Matt McCarten is well aware of that!

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