Wigram Alliance candidate says Anderton support for Woods a “MMP bungle”

Alliance Candidate for Wigram Kevin Campbell is mystified that Jim Anderton doesn’t like his favourable references to his old Alliance colleague at public meetings, and says Jim’s decision to support a Labour candidate is odd.

“I believe Jim has made a significant contribution to NZ politics.  I was part of the Labour Committee that welcomed Jim to Sydenham 27 years ago.”

Mr Campbell agrees that Jim has every right to support the Labour Candidate in Wigram but says “I don’t agree with the seat returning to Labour and I have told Jim that.”

Last week at a candidate’s meeting in Spreydon, Jim Anderton sent a message through a Labour supporter chastising Campbell for publicizing his association with Anderton as an Alliance MP from 1999-2002.

But Mr Campbell says “I worked hard in the Labour Alliance Coalition government and, in fact, know I was respected by members of all parties then in the House.”

“Jim got all his key gains from using the MMP system by being an MP outside of Labour. I’m trying to hold Wigram so that a reinvigorated Alliance can again work with Labour.”

Mr Campbell says he doesn’t want to see the “bridge in Wigram” closed, with no gain achieved for Labour because the total number of Labour MPs are determined by the party vote.

“All the Labour Candidate in Wigram will do, if she wins, is tip an experienced Labour MP or Labour Candidate higher on the list, out of the House.”

A First Past the Post approach to Wigram by Jim was mystifying when it was using MMP from which he achieved so much, says Mr Campbell.

“It just seems such a bad misreading of the situation under MMP,” says Mr Campbell.

He says that it was the Alliance that achieved Kiwibank and Paid Parental Leave by hard negotiations with Labour.

“I was there. There is a fair amount of history rewriting going on in this campaign. The Alliance will keep Labour honest and has stronger policies. I am asking all Jim supporters, Progressive, Green, Labour and left leaning voters in Wigram to give me their electorate vote to ensure an extra MP on the left in the next Parliament.”

“Wigram has not been a Labour electorate since the 1980s, for good reason. Let’s keep a strong, independent voice for Wigram as well.”



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