Alliance’s Kevin Campbell: Labour’s super policy is an attack on working Kiwis

The Alliance Party says Labour has let down its supporters badly with an “right wing and poorly thought through superannuation policy.”

The Labour Party announced this afternoon that if elected it will raise the qualifying age for Superannuation to 67.

Alliance Party Wigram candidate and superannuation spokesperson Kevin Campbell says the policy announcement will leave traditional Labour supporters dumbfounded and reeling.

“Many working people in New Zealand have spent up to fifty years working in often difficult and physically demanding jobs, and to force them to continue in such roles is not on.”

He says the right to work arises from the dignity of the human person, and workers should be able to retire in dignity at an appropriate age as well.

“Manual workers, cleaners, drivers, rest home workers, factory workers and labourers in many cases look forward to a well earned retirement at 65, a retirement that they have spent their lifetimes paying for through their taxes.”

Mr Campbell says the Labour Party has completely missed the point with the affordability of superannuation.

“New Zealand needs to be focussed on building on its social security, not cutting it down. Universal super at 65 is affordable if we have a fair tax system and if we concentrate on building a productive economy by getting young people educated and in jobs.”

Mr Campbell questioned how the Labour policy could worsen youth unemployment.

“We currently have a massive rate of youth unemployment, we need to be getting our youth into work, not forcing them into compulsory idleness and wasting their energy and enthusiasm, while we force the older people in our society to keep working whether or not it is appropriate for them.”

He says the Labour politicians of past generations would be shocked by the move.

“This sounds more like Phil Goff and the Labour Party wanting to return to the failed Rogernomics ideology of the 1980s.”

Mr Campbell says Labour voters who were dismayed at Labour’s approach could vote for the Alliance to protect and enhance the social wellbeing and the common good of all New Zealanders.


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