Alliance Party Conference opens in Christchurch – open session on global economic crisis from Jim Flynn

The Alliance Party has opened in Christchurch this morning. The conference is at the Canterbury WEA Rooms at 59 Gloucester Street.

A public session will be held at 3pm, Saturday 17 October at the above venue, where Alliance Party finance and tax spokesperson Professor Jim Flynn will speak on the international economic recession.

Professor Flynn recently spent 10 months as a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation in New York City.

His latest book is “Where have all the liberals gone? Race, class, and ideals in America” is published by Cambridge University Press.

Author of six books, Professor Flynn has combined political and moral philosophy with psychology to clarify problems such as justifying humane ideals, and whether it makes sense to rank races and classes by merit.

The findings of his research into increasing IQ levels are known widely as “the Flynn effect.”

His research interests include humane ideals and ideological debate; classics of political philosophy; and race, class and IQ.

He has stood for the New Zealand Parliament several times as a candidate of the Alliance Party.

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