Alliance Party holds talks with Venezuelan officials

During a recent visit to Venezuela, Alliance Party General Secretary Tom Dowie held discussions with officials from the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He presented pounamu and a book on Maori taonga to officials including the Asia, Middle East and Pacific Vice Minister Victor Manzaneras and Pacific analyst Lucibel Contreras Ochoa on behalf of the Alliance Party.
Mr Dowie says the efforts of the Venezuelan people to create a new democratic and socially just society were held in great admiration internationally, and showed the way forward as the unsustainable global system of free market capitalism enters in a period of instability and recession.
Discussions with the officials included the social programmes of President Hugo Chavez and his Government, law and order, the recent spikes in oil prices and how Venezuela is able to supply its own people with petrol at just under US 5 cents a litre.
The possibility of Venezuela opening a consulate in New Zealand was also discussed, along with the chances of President Chavez visiting New Zealand.

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